Transformation Webquest

Understand the Transformations

  1. First you’ll be assigned to a team of 4 students…
  2. With your group, watch the tutorials that explain each movement. After watching the video, complete the notes by applying the concepts you have just learned.
    1. Reflecting Shapes Across Horizontal and Vertical Lines
      • Watch 3 videos: Reflecting Points, Reflecting Shapes, Determining Reflections
    2. Translating Shapes
    3. Rotating Shapes
    4. Dilating Shapes
  3. Work with your group to complete the practice on paper. If you would like practice for more of each specific topic, below are some worksheets with answers included.
    1. Understanding Translations
    2. Understanding Reflections
    3. Understanding Rotations
    4. Understanding Dilations

Practice the Transformations

  1. During the next few minutes, your group will develop a theme for your final project. Follow the guidelines in the Project Rubric to create an image you will be using for your group project.
  2. Your Teacher will assign one of the roles. While three of you are completing step 1, the Translation Expert will begin the practice portion of this assignment. When it is your turn, follow the directions linked below.
    1. Translation Expert
    2. Reflection Expert
    3. Rotation Expert
    4. Dilation Expert

Apply the Transformations